About Me

We took this picture at one of our 50 plus visits to Starved Rock over the years. While Starved Rock isn't Vegas or the Florida Keys, it's the vacation we look forward to every year. It's the only time we don't keep up on the national news or sporting events. We have mobile capabilities to the Internet so we are always available to assist our clients. In fact, we've negotiated at least four contracts over the years while at Starved Rock. While it's nice to get away from real estate every now and then, we're never too far away for our clients. Life is good! 

It’s easy to contact us. Our cell phones are only shutoff when charging, and Denise gets an email alert on her Smartphone whenever we receive a new message. We have mobile Internet capabilities that keep us connected to our business 24/7. In closing, we’re very patriotic people, as the back of our business card is a picture of the flag with our announcement that we’re proud to be an American.  

Thank you for visiting my website!

Lee Throw