Selling Tips

Buyers, now more than ever, are looking in multiple communities and towns for their home search. This is a fact. But you can only compete within appraisal boundary guidelines. Having said that, if you want to compete with the top "like property" sales in the area based on a CMA you received, then your home has to be equal in value or better than those top "like property" sales. Type of home, room count, bedroom count, bath count, square footage and condition all apply to "like properties" in a given area. Accommodating a showing request with a 24 hour notice is a must! The exception, of course, is an illness in the family or a prior commitment that interferes with a showing. Setting aside certain days and times to show your home will hurt and we don't recommend it.              

The interior and exterior appearance of a home matters regardless of the list price. A home listed at $580,000 still has the same challenge as the $180,000 listing. The $580,000 listing has to best its competition as much as the $180,000 listing does. This is a "dollar-for-dollar" and "apple-to-apple" market. The tips below will help you achieve your goal of selling favorably.

  • Price your home to get "top dollar" according to other like sold properties. That's a great start.
  • Good curb appeal is ALWAYS inviting.
  • A spotless and clutter free entrance buyers use into your home is a must. A seller may overlook this because they don't use the front door to enter and exit their home.
  • Replace any burned-out or missing bulbs and repair any dripping faucets.
  • The house temperature must be comfortable throughout the seasons
  • A home must be in "showing condition" for every appointment. This means every room.
  • Buyers regularly check furnaces and registers for dust. Have this taken care of before listing. 
  • If possible, keep pets out of sight and treat any pet odors before showings.
  • We do not believe in removing family pictures from the walls.
  • A lit fireplace will add a vibrant ambiance to your home regardless of the season. Substitute with scented candles if you don't have a fireplace.
  • If you have a garage, then that was most likely part of the buyer's criteria in their search. Treat it as an important area to get ready for showings. It matters to some buyers!
  • Try not to be home for showings. Being home can leave you open for questions. If you can't help being home, stay away from the agent and buyers while they're touring. Avoid answering any questions other than general ones addressing the appliances, or the age of the roof, windows, heating or air.
  • Agents that view your home should leave a business card behind. Don't leave those cards out during other showings after you've been on the market 45 days. Too many business cards on the counter without a sale is just as bad as seeing one or two business cards after 45 days on the market. No buyer will ever assume you haven't gotten any showings if they don't see business cards out.          

We encourage our buyers to take notes during our appointments. The average buyer is seeing at least 10/20 homes (depending on their price range) before making an offer on one home that stood out from the others. If one of the homes didn't grab their interest, then they will most likely reevaluate their criteria, expand their search areas or just put off their search for a later date. There's a few factors involved in bringing the right buyer into your home. None is more important than price and condition.